IC Bus HC Series

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IC Bus HC Series
IC Bus HC Series
Years of manufacture 2006 to 2016
Length 23 to 38 feet
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel, Diesel Electric Hybrid

The IC Bus HC Series is a medium duty commercial bus with an integrated chassis and body. It was launched by IC Bus (then known as IC Corporation) in June 2006 at the Community Transportation Expo. The various other HC Series models were introduced in 2010. By the end of 2016, the HC Series no longer appears to be offered.


  • HC Series - Base model.
  • HC Series Bronze - Smaller model designed for shorter shuttle trips.
  • HC Series Gold - Luxury model with a number of extra features. Fiberglass exterior styling and more interior amenities.
  • HC Series Platinum - Large luxury model. Interior includes premium audio-video entertainment system, passenger service sets, as well as higher-end seating and finishes. Other features include power heated mirrors, power door locks and windows, flush-mounted passenger windows, and rear-facing camera.


  • Length: 23', 25', 27', 29', 31', 33' or 38'
  • Width: 96"
  • Heigh: 118" (excluding HVAC)
  • Wheelbase: 158", 169", 193", 217", 254" or 291"




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