Hyundai Rotem Canada Line EMU

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2008 Hyundai Rotem EMU
In service 2009–present
Manufacturer Hyundai Rotem
Model EMU
Constructed 2008
Built at Changwon, South Korea
Fleet numbers 101/201–120/220
Formation 2 cars per set (semi-permanent)
Owner TransLink
Operator ProTrans BC
Depot Canada Line OMC
Lines served Canada Line Logo and Symbol-a.png
Length 20.5 m
Width 3.0 m
Weight 38.0 t
Doors 3 per side
Seating capacity 44 seats
Capacity 200
Top speed 80 km/h
Safety system Thales SelTrac S40 (ATC)

SkyTrain Canada Line cars 101/201-120/220 are Hyundai Rotem EMU units built in 2008 that run exclusively on the Canada Line in 2 car sets.


Hyundai Rotem supplied 40 electric multiple units (EMUs) to ProTrans BC for operation on the SkyTrain's Canada Line in Vancouver, British Columbia. SNC Lavalin, parent company of ProTrans BC, awarded Hyundai Rotem the contract on November 25, 2005.[1] The cars were built in South Korea and shipped to Canada; the first of which arrived in March 2008.

Like the rest of the SkyTrain system, train operation is fully automated and managed by Thales SelTrac Communications-Based Train Control. Unlike the rest of the system, the Rotem EMUs use conventional AC traction motors instead of linear induction motors. The Rotem cars are also larger than the existing cars from Bombardier. Two cars, constructed from stainless steel, make up one trainset. The white, blue and green livery was chosen to reflect the mountains, forests and trees of the Lower Mainland.[2]

These were the first trains in the fleet to feature a bike parking spot in each car and an expanded wheelchair space. Overall, there is more leg room between seats and slightly wider aisles to accommodate luggage. These were also the first trains in the fleet to use electronic passenger information displays, displaying next stations and the terminus station.


Trains run in pairs of 2 cars. The number scheme for each train is as follows: the first digit denotes the car number, while the second and third digits represent the set number. For example, 120 would mean car 1 of set 20, which would be paired with car 220, which would be car 2 of set 20.


2008 Hyundai Rotem EMU
Fleet number Driving panel VOBC equipment Motor Coupler Destination sign Wheelchair accommodation Bicycle accomodation Seating
101/201–118/218 1 per car 1 per car 44 seats
119/219–120/220 1 per car 1 per car 34 seats

Set Fleet number Thumbnail Date Notes
1 101 2008
201 2008
2 102 SkyTrain Hyundai Rotem 102-a.jpg 2008
202 2008
3 103 2008
203 2008
4 104 2008
  • Has a lighter blue paint scheme
204 2008
5 105 2008
205 2008
6 106 2008
206 2008
7 107 2008
207 2008
8 108 2008
208 2008
9 109 2008
209 2008
10 110 2008
210 2008
11 111 SkyTrain Hyundai Rotem 111-a.jpg 2008
211 2008
12 112 2008
212 2008
13 113 2008
213 SkyTrain Hyundai Rotem 213-a.jpg 2008
14 114 2008
214 2008
15 115 2008
215 2008
16 116 2008
216 2008
17 117 2008
217 2008
18 118 2008
218 SkyTrain Hyundai Rotem 218-a.jpg 2008
19 119 2008
  • Currently has 10 seats removed as part of a pilot project.[3]
219 SkyTrain Hyundai Rotem 219-a.jpg 2008
20 120 2008
  • Currently has 10 seats removed as part of a pilot project.
220 2008


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