Hawker Siddeley Canada H4

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H4 Subway Cars
Toronto Transit Commission 5638-b.jpg
Delivered 1974-75
Numbered 5576-5663
Lines Bloor-Danforth
Seats 77 (no wheelchair)
Control Camshaft
Toronto Transit Commission 5662-a.jpg

The Hawker Siddeley Canada H4 was a type of subway car built for the Toronto Transit Commission. They were classified as H4 by the TTC, but were based on the common Hawker Siddeley RT75 design of previous cars.


The 88 H4 cars were ordered in 1973 and delivered between 1974 and 1975. They were similar to the previous H2 subway cars, however had reduced seating in a 2+2 configuration instead of 2+3 to allow for more standees. The H4 cars were the last non-air conditioned subway cars in the TTC fleet, and were the last to use camshaft control. The H4 cars had become the longest serving stock in the TTC's history, with some cars running for approximately 38 years.

Retirements and refurbishing

All H4 cars have been retired, and have either been stored at Wilson Yard, stripped of useful parts, or sold for scrap. Some have been converted into subway work cars.

In April 2011, the TTC had issued 2 tenders for sale and removal of 37 surplus H4 subway cars, and the removal of up to 33 surplus H4 subway cars. Among other things the tenders specified reusable components would be removed prior to removal of the car, and that the truck assemblies were to be returned to the TTC. Removals from the property were done from Davisville Yard, but eventually switched over to Wilson.

In late 2011, a number of previously active cars were spotted being taken away on a low loader flatbed for Future Enterprises (scrap) in Hamilton ON. 4 were noted to be shipped to a location in Ottawa ON for testing of a fire sprinkler system inside the cars.

As of early December 2011, TTC service summaries listed 34 H4 cars remaining active. Retirements and personal spottings of active units continued until mid-December 2011, when winter service reductions came into effect and none were seen out. After the reductions, two sets were spotted in service in mid-January 2012, eventually becoming only one. The official last day of H4 operation, as posted by the TTC, was January 27th 2012. Run 264, only out for the morning, had the last set consisting of cars 5623-5622-5650-5651-5611-5610 (west to east). This set was later noted stored in Greenwood Yard for possible conversions to work cars. Other retired H4's continued to be trucked out of the property on low loader flatbed trucks.

Spotting features

  • Orange interior bench seating, 2+2 seating instead of 2+3 on earlier H-series cars.
  • End caps stylized, lights flush mounted.
  • White/cream interior doors, yellow doorways.
  • Large round roof ventilation ducts inside.
  • End gate bumper hinge area does not extend as far down as on earlier H-series cars.
  • Side indicator light cluster has 2 lights.

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