Hamilton Street Railway 510261-510264

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Hamilton Street Railway 510261-510264 were Overland ELF 125 CNG bodied buses on Ford E-450 van chassis bought in 2002 for service on routes 52A Dundas Local, 16 Ancaster, 6 Aberdeen, 7 Locke and 8 York. Bus 510261 was used exclusively for Gore to Shore Shuttle Service.

These buses were fraught with reliability problems and spent most of their service time in the garage. Drivers also complained about back and neck discomfort due to the distance from the driver's cab to the front doors. This set was retired in 2007 and replaced by the 2007 New Flyer DE41LFs. All 4 can be found at the rear of Cardinal Kia on Oakwood Drive in Niagara Falls, ON.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Ford 5.4L 230hp CNG Ford 4R100 four (4)-speed automatic Luminator Matrix:MAX


Thumbnail Build
VIN License plate(s) Status/Disposal Notes
510261 2002 1FDXE45M21HB49642 BL1 599 RETIRED
Exclusively used for Gore to Shore Shuttle.
510262 2002 1FDXE45M62HA24080 BL7 122 RETIRED
510263 Hamilton Street Railway 510263-a.jpg 2002 1FDXE45M82HA24081 BL2 357 RETIRED
510264 Hamilton Street Railway 510264-a.jpg 2002 1FDXE45M12HA84414 RETIRED