Halifax Transit route 7 'Peninsula'

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7 Peninsula
Halifax Transit Logo.png
Created 1963
Revised 2021
Types of Busses Used New Flyer D40LF
Number of Branches 2
Route Type Corridor
Distance -
Ridership (2020)
Mid-day/Evening every 15 minutes
Peak periods every 15 minutes
Late Night every 15 minutes
Saturdays every 20 minutes
Sunday/Holidays every 30 minutes

Halifax Transit route 7 Peninsula is a heavily used route servicing the Halifax peninsula, running with between the North & South Ends of Halifax. The route has 2 branches, branches A&B. Branch A travels in a clockwise loop, while branch B travels in a couter-clockwise loop. It runs along Gottingen street, traveling to Barrington St, proceeding to Robie Street via South Street.

The route services a number of educational and health care institutions, including the Nova Scotia Community College on Leeds Street, the IWK Children's Hospital and Halifax Infirmary on Robie Street, and the Victoria General Hospital on South Street.


The current day route 7 was made by combining two separate routes, the old route 7 Robie-Inglis, (1963-1969) which provided service along Robie Street from the North End (Leeds Street) to the South End (Inglis Street), and the route 3 Gottingen, (1927-1989) which provided service along Gottingen and Barrington Streets from the North End (Duffus Street) to the Downtown area.

In 2021, as part of Halifax Transit's Moving Forward Together Plan, the route was slightly modified and had branches added. The branches were created to make it easier to specify which way each route is going. The routes themselves remained unchanged.

Terminals and Major Stops

The route 7 services the following terminals and major stops:

  • Nova Scotia Community College, Institute of Technology campus (Leeds Street)
  • Halifax Infirmary (Robie Street)
  • IWK Childrens Hospital (Robie Street)
  • Victoria General Hospital (South Street)
  • Scotia Square (Barrington & Duke Streets)

Destination signs

Destination Sign Description
7A ROBIE Clockwise to North End
Clockwise to Scotia Square
7B GOTTINGEN Counter-clockwise to North End
Counter-clockwise to Scotia Square

Route map

Metro Transit route 7.gif