Halifax Transit route 1 'Spring Garden'

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1 Spring Garden
Halifax Transit Logo.png
Created 1963
Revised 1988
Types of Busses Used Nova Bus LFS Artic
New Flyer D40LF
New Flyer DE60LFR
Number of Branches 1
Route Type Corridor
Distance 10 km
Ridership (2020) 3165 (weekdays)
2221 (Saturdays)
1753 (Sundays)
Mid-day/Evening every 10 minutes
Peak periods every 10 minutes
Late Night every 15 minutes
Saturdays every 15 minutes
Sunday/Holidays every 15-30 minutes

Halifax Transit route 1 'Spring Garden' is a heavily used route that runs from the Bridge Terminal in Dartmouth to the Mumford Terminal in Halifax via Barrington Street, Spring Garden Road/Coburg Road, Oxford Street and Bayers Road. The route also services Dalhousie University, and as such becomes very crowded during rush hour. The route tends to be used as the primary method of traveling between downtown Halifax and Mumford Terminal and from Mumford Terminal to the Bridge Terminal, despite quicker routes such as the 2 Wedgewood, 4 Rosedale and 6 Quinpool from downtown to Mumford Terminal, and the route 52 Crosstown from the Bridge Terminal to Mumford Terminal.

Prior to a major revision in 1988, the route did not travel to Dartmouth, terminating at the Scotia Square terminal in downtown Halifax. Upon the discontinuation of the route 11 Macdonald Bridge, the route 1 was extended to Dartmouth to take its place.

Route 1 is notable as being the only Halifax Transit route to make a profit: the route had a 121 percent cost recovery in 2010/11.

Terminals and Major Stops

The route 1 services the following terminals and major stops:

Destination signs

Destination Sign Description
to Halifax & Mumford Terminal
to Dartmouth & Bridge Terminal

Route map

Metro Transit route 1.gif