Halifax Transit route 14 'Leiblin Park'

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Leiblin Park
Discontinued Route
Created 1970
Discontinued 2021
Length (one-way) 18 km
Types of Buses Used New Flyer D40LF
Mid-day/Evening 30 min.
Peak periods 30 min.
Late-night 60 min.
Saturday 60 min.
Sunday 60 min.

Halifax Transit route 14 'Leiblin Park' was a heavily used route that ruan from the the suburb of Leiblin Park in Spryfield to downtown Halifax, stopping at the Mumford Terminal and passing by Dalhousie University. When the route reached downtown Halifax, it continued to Dartmouth as route 61, the only route which used this method, called "thru-routing". Due to the sheer length of the combined route (86 km round trip), service was not as frequent as it would be otherwise, based on demand.

Terminals and Major Stops

The route 14 serviced the following terminals and major stops:

  • South Centre Mall
  • Mumford Terminal
  • Dalhousie University
  • Saint Mary's University
  • Scotia Square (Barrington & Duke Streets)

Destination Signs

14 Halifax - inbound

14 Leiblin Park - outbound

14 Mumford - for outbound trips which terminate at Mumford Terminal


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