Halifax Transit Sackville Terminal

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Location Walker Avenue
Lower Sackville
Opened 2006
Number of routes 9

Halifax Transit's Sackville Terminal is the newest terminal, constructed in 2006. It is located adjacent to the Highway 101/Beaver Bank Road interchange, on the Walker Connector roadway. It has taken over as the primary terminal in the area from the Downsview terminal.

The terminal consists of a long platform with separate bus stops and bus bays along its length. A large terminal building is provided, as well as glass shelters along the length at each bus stop. Benches are provided inside the shelters. As this terminal is a terminus for almost every route it services, there is no need to separate inbound and outbound bus traffic. A large parking lot is located adjacent to the terminal, and is almost always at capacity.


  • A large heated and cooled passenger waiting room with public washrooms and a GoTime monitor so passengers can check departure information. The terminal building also contains a drivers room and a Halifax Visitors Information Centre for tourists
  • Glass shelters with benches are also located next to the outer most bus stops
  • Bicycle Lockers are available

Routes servicing this terminal