Halifax Transit Mic Mac Terminal

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Mic Mac
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Location Mic Mac Mall
Number of routes 6

Halifax Transit's Mic Mac terminal is located at the Mic Mac Mall, adjacent to Highway 111 in Dartmouth. The terminal is currently located both on Mic Mac Blvd and the mall parking lot, with a platform separating the two. Each side of the platform has a bus stop, one for inbound and one for outbound buses.

The original Mic Mac terminal was located on the same side of the mall but closer, within 30 feet of the entrance doors, however was moved to its present location across the parking lot when the mall expanded in that area. The original terminal consisted of two separate islands, one for inbound and one for outbound buses. During the construction, a temporary terminal was setup on the opposite side of the mall in a section of parking lot that was blocked off using movable concrete barriers. The temporary terminal consisted of a paved platform and two glass shelters moved from the old terminal; some crude benches fashioned out of wood were also provided. This terminal was highly uncomfortable to passengers, as it was open to the elements in the middle of a large parking lot, and required crossing a busy roadway to reach. It also often got crowded, as there was only one platform shared by both inbound and outbound buses.


  • Four smaller shelters with benches are provided along the length of the platform
  • A GoTime monitor is provided at one end of the platform, so passengers can check departure times, however it has been non-functional since the terminal moved to its present location

Routes servicing this terminal

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