Halifax Transit Highfield Terminal

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Location Highfield Park Drive
Number of routes 7

Halifax Transit's Highfield Terminal is located on Highfield Park Drive in the north end of Dartmouth. The terminal consists of an island platform with a bus stop on each side, one inbound, one outbound. An alternate entrance and exit is located at the opposite end on Pinecrest Drive, which has an automatic gate to prevent people cutting through from one street to the other. Due to the way the terminal is positioned, a large sharp turn is required for buses turning in off of Highfield Park Drive and exiting back onto Highfield.

The route 52 does not enter the terminal, instead stopping on Highfield Park Drive.


  • A long continual glass shelter is located along the center of the platform.
  • A GoTime monitor is also provided at one end of the platform, so passengers can check departure times.

Routes servicing this terminal