Halifax Transit Cobequid Terminal

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Location Cobequid Drive
Lower Sackville
Number of routes 8

Halifax Transit's Cobequid Terminal is located along Cobequid Drive near the interchange with the Highway 101 and Bedford Bypass. The terminal consists of a single platform, with both inbound and outbound buses sharing this platform; two bus lanes are provided however. A bus stop is also located adjacent to Cobequid Drive for use by the inbound route 84, so it doesn't have to enter the terminal. A small parking lot is also provided, and is almost always filled to capacity, however the terminal its self isn't usually that busy.


  • A single long glass shelter is provided, however there are no benches inside the shelter
  • Crude wooden benches are located outside of the shelter, however there isn't much seating space
  • A GoTime display is provided at this terminal, so passengers can check departure times
  • Bike lockers are provided at this terminal

Routes servicing this terminal