Greater Sudbury Transit 881-883 (2nd)

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Greater Sudbury Transit/GOVA Transit 881-883 are Nova Bus LFS buses built in 2018. The purchase of these buses was funded through the federal Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF). These buses feature perimeter seating through the whole vehicle. In 2019 some seats have had armrests installed in all 3 units.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Cummins L9 Allison B400R Luminator Horizon


Thumbnail Build
VIN License plate(s) Livery Status/Disposal Notes
881 2018 2NVYL82J9J3751382 518 8BK GOVA Transit logo-a.png Active
882 2018 2NVYL82J0J3751383 518 9BK GOVA Transit logo-a.png Reassigned
883 2018 2NVYL82J2J3751384 518 7BK GOVA Transit logo-a.png Active


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