Vicinity Lightning

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Vicinity Lightning
2021 Vicinity Lightning demonstrator-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2021 to present
Length 28 feet
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Battery-electric

The Vicinity Lightning (known as the Grande West Vicinity Lightning EV until March 2021) is a battery-electric, low floor, mid-sized transit bus sold in Canada and the United States by Vicinity Motor Corp. The new electric bus was launched at the end of November 2020.[1] They announced their first order for five buses from the Company's U.S. distribution channel on December 7, 2020. This order was part of a 20 bus production schedule that begins the series production of the Vicinity Lightning EV. Delivery was expected later in 2021.[2]

The Lightning has three battery packs located in the floor and one located in the rear compartment. Each battery pack, supplied by BMW, has a capacity of 42 kilowatt hours. This allows for a range of 200 kilometres. An increased battery capacity can allow for a range of 300 kilometres. The batteries can be charged with a Level 1 (120 volt) plug-in charger, Level 2 (240 volt) plug-in charger, or Level 3 direct current fast charger. Level 2 charging takes five and a half to six hours, while Level 3 charging takes two and a half to three hours.[3]


Length: 8.588m (28')
Width: 2.450m (96")
Height: 3m (118") incl. HVAC
Turning radius:
Wheelbase: 4.380m (14' 4")
Curb weight: 16,000 lbs
GVWR: 22,000 lbs
Brusa HSM1 Hybrid Synchronous Motor 220 kW
Hofer powerHUB
Energy storage
4 x BMW i3 BEVSE09 42 kWH
Valeo REVO rooftop & Front-Box
Pro-Heat X30 diesel heater




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