General Motors TH-8203

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GMC TH-8203/T8H-203
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Years of manufacture 1978 to 1980
Length 40 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel

The General Motors TH-8203 is a Rapid Transit Series transit bus of the General Motors RTS-03 generation. The model breakdown is as follows: T signifies a transit model, 8 signifies a 40 foot length, H signifies the use of a Detroit Diesel 8V71N engine, 2 signifies a 102 inch width, and the 03 signifies the generation.

The model was later re-designated during the middle of production to T8H-203.

1520 buses were built.


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Demonstrator/Engineering Units

  • List of known demonstrator and engineering buses
Fleet Number Thumbnail Year VIN Engine Transmission Notes
217 September 1978 217 Detroit Diesel 8V71N
  • GM Engineering bus.
337 March 1979 337 Detroit Diesel 8V71N
  • GM Engineering bus, converted to Methanol.
  • Sold to Krapf Group 7901.
572 September 1979 572 Detroit Diesel 8V71N
  • GMOO demo.
899 October 1979 899 Detroit Diesel 8V71N
  • GM Engineering rebuilt this bus as a T8J-203 (serial A001) in February 1980.