General Motors RTS-03

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Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority 716-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 1978 to 1980
Length 35, 40 feet
Width 96, 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel

The RTS-03 was the first mass-produced version of the Rapid Transit Series that gained popularity among transit authorities. The RTS-03 featured a modular design, which became the hallmark of the RTS; seamless, un-openable side windows; sliding ("plug") front and rear doors; and a distinctive, sloped rear module.

The New York City Transit Authority ordered two RTS-03's as test vehicles, and sold one each to Green Bus Lines and Steinway Transit after they used the data learned to make changes in their order of RTS buses which became the RTS-04 model. Changes included improved Air Conditioning, which required a square rear end to provide for the larger hardware, tighter seals along the roof line and at the windows to prevent rain from entering the vehicle, larger windows, and push-out single panel rear doors.


Model Number Years Length
T7H-203 1980 35 102
T7W-203 1980 35 102
TH-7603/T7H-603 1978-1980 35 96
T7J-603 1980 35 96
TW-7603/T7W-603 1978-1980 35 96
TH-8203/T8H-203 1978-1980 40 102
T8J-203 1980 40 102
T8W-203 1980 40 102
TH-8603/T8H-603 1978-1980 40 96
T8J-603 1980 40 96
T8W-603 1979-1980 40 96