General Electric Transportation Systems Dash 8-32BWH

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GE - Genesis
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General Electric Transportation Systems - B32-8WH
Years of manufacture 1991
Length 63 feet 7 inches
Width 10 feet
Height 15 feet
Power/Fuel Diesel

The General Electric Dash 8-32BWH (or shortened to B32-8WH) is a diesel passenger locomotive built by General Electric for Amtrak in the late 1980s-early 1990s. It is heavily based on the company's line of Dash 8 freight locomotives. The name breakdown was as follows: B (B-B bogie configuration) 3200 horsepower -8 (Dash 8 specifications) Widecab HEP equipped

When GE was designing the Genesis passenger locomotives for Amtrak, it was realized that the design schedule would fall behind. Therefore, to compensate, GE built 20 B32-8WH models for Amtrak.

Outwardly, these units look like typical freight-hauling units. However, they differ from the freight-hauling B32-8 and B40-8WH models by having an HEP alternator coupled to the engine.

The design of the locomotives meant that, like the Genesis after it, the B32-8WH's prime mover must run at a constant 900rpm when supplying HEP, reducing its horsepower from 3200hp to 2700hp in HEP mode.

Today, the B32-8WH mainly serve as switchers in the Amtrak system, having been largely replaced in passenger service by the GE Genesis, although they may occationally substitute for Genesis units when needed (This is common for Los Angeles-based trains)


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