Ford Motor Company E-Series Cutaway

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Ford E-Series Cutaway
Edmonton Transit System 5102-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 1975 to present
Power/Fuel Diesel, Gasoline

The Ford Motor Company E-Series Cutaway is a chassis used for cutaway commercial and school buses. It is available in two types: the E-350 Super Duty and E-450 Super Duty which are differentiated by their gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR); with the E-450 having the higher GVWR. The E-350 is available in a single (SRW) or dual rear wheel (DRW) version, and the E-450 is available only as a dual rear wheel version. From 2002 to 2003, a third type was available: the E-550, which had the highest GVWR.

As of 2015, the E-Series Cutaway is being phased out by the Transit van. The move will help Ford consolidate its product lines globally.

Design history

The E-Series Cutaway was introduced in 1975 and coincided with the third redesign of the Ford E-Series van. With cutaway vehicles, the look of the front remains constant no matter which manufacture bodies the chassis. The front of the body has been restyled a number of times.

The E-Series Cutaway was introduced with gasoline fueled engines. The option for a diesel engine was introduced in 1983 after an agreement with International for production. The E-Series would be available with International diesel engines until 2010, when Ford introduced their own. However Ford was not able to install the new EPA 2010 compliant engine in the E-Series, therefore the gasoline-fueled V10 became the only option after the 2010 model-year.




  • Ford 4R100 4 speed (E-350: ~1997-2003; E-450: ~1997-2004; E-550)
  • Ford TorqShift 5R110 5 speed (E-350: 2004-2016; E-450: 2005-2016)
  • Ford TorqShift 6R140 6 speed (2016-present)


  • 9,900 (for E-350 SRW)
  • 11,500 (for E-350 DRW)
  • 12,500 (for E-350 DRW)
  • 14,050 (for E-450)
  • 14,500 (for E450 with 6.8L or 6.0L engine)
  • 19,000 (for E-550)[1]


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