Flxible VisiCoach

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Flxible - VisiCoach
1950 Flxible VisiCoach.JPG
Years of manufacture 1950-1958
Length 31, 34 feet
Width 95 1/2 inches
Power/Fuel Gasoline, Diesel, Propane

The VisiCoach was a 25, 29, 33 or 37 passenger highway coach built by Flxible. It was a heavy duty enlarged version of the famous Clipper, with larger passenger windows and enlarged engine compartment.



  • Buick FB-320 (gasoline)
  • Cummins JBS-600 (Diesel)
  • Fageol FTG-180 (gasoline or propane)
  • Fageol FTG-200 (gasoline or propane)
  • Detroit Diesel 4-71 (Diesel)


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