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FirstGroup plc is a Scottish transport company operating in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Canada, USA, and from 2009 also in Denmark, with headquarters in Aberdeen.

In February 2007 FirstGroup agreed to buy the US-based firm Laidlaw, an operator of inter-city coaches and yellow school buses across North America, for £1.9 billion (US$3.7 billion). This also gave them a controlling stake in Greyhound USA, the largest bus operator in North America. The Greyhound name and the names of Canadian subsidiaries of Greyhound Canada were retained, and all other Laidlaw-owned services in the United States and Canada were rebranded under the First or Greyhound names, except for Voyageur Colonial and Grey Goose in Canada.

First Bus


First Student

First Student Canada

First Transit

First Transit is subsidiary of FirstGroup plc, that operates transit and shuttle operations across the United States and Canada. See First Transit's operations by country:

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