Fictional Transit 1-3 (standardization example)

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Fictional Transit 1-3 are New Flyer D40LF buses built in 1993.

Any additional information or common features about the units goes here

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins Allison 39: American Seating Model 6466 Luminator Horizon


Default for all pages

  • Fleet Number - The unit number.
  • Thumbnail
    • Photo of unit (size to be set at 128px)
    • Thumbnail replacement *(NEW)* - If you intend replace a thumbnail photo, it should be the better quality than what is currently there. If you want to replace a thumbnail, it's recommended to ask the person that put it there first (or most recently) if it can be replaced or consult a moderator if you are unsure if it's the same or better quality.
  • Date
    • Build date of unit (if known), or year of arrival on property.
    • Use the format dd/mm/yyyy.
  • VIN - Partial (serial part) or full (linked and recorded to appropriate VIN page).
  • License Plate
    • Current license plate on unit.
    • Previous license plates should be noted in brackets from most recent to oldest, with each license plate separated by a (;).
  • Notes
    • Additional notes about the individual unit (former numbers, major accidents, out of service periods, oddities/unique features/modifications, retrofits, etc). Daily sightings/spottings of a unit (i.e. I spotted/saw this bus at 3 pm today, etc.) are not to be included. That belongs on the discussion board.
    • Bullets are to be used when there are two or more notes for a unit.
    • Notes are to be left aligned (using the code | align="left"|)
    • This should not contain notes that apply to all units in the series! Notes belonging to all units should belong in the preamble at the top of the page, not in the Details table.

Suggested additional columns (if applicable)

  • Garage - The currently assigned garage, if there are multiple garages in a system.
  • Paint
    • Current livery/paint scheme.
    • Should only be used if the individual units are not all in the same livery/paint scheme.

Retired Units

Pages with at least one retired unit

  • Status/Disposal - If one or more units are retired, this column should be used to indicate that it is retired (using the code <font color=red>Retired</font>), the date of retirement, and its disposal (scrap, sold, etc...).
  • The row should be shaded in gray (using the code bgcolor="dddddd") to give a quick visual ID that the unit is retired compared to the non retired units.

Pages with all units retired

  • Status/Disposal - This column should be used to indicate that it is retired (using the code <font color=red>Retired</font>), the date of retirement, and its disposal (scrap, sold, etc...).
  • Gray shading is not to be used when all units are retired.


Thumbnail Date VIN License Plate Status/Garage/Disposal Notes
1 File:Fictional Transit 1-a.jpg 1993 2FYD2LV104U026399 ABCD-100 Spring St.
  • Has LED headlight retrofit
  • Out of service for 3 months in 2007.
2 1993 2FYD2LV134U026400 ABA-049 Retired
June 2012
Sold to Non Fictional Transit 123 in July 2013.
3 1993 2FYD2LV154U026401 ABCD-100
(prev. ABA-050; AAA-020)
Spring St. Has LED headlight retrofit


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