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USDOT# MC/MX # Full Legal Name
523143 MC-263025 Excel Coach Lines Ltd.

Excel Coach Lines Limited was a regional bus and coach operator providing local transit, school bus, and highway coach chartered and scheduled line-haul services in the northwest area of the Province of Ontario.


Excel Coach Lines was founded in 1934. The company provided daily services from Kenora to Red Lake and from Kenora to Fort Francis (routes operated until recently by Caribou Coach of Thunder Bay). It also operated the local Transit System for the City of Kenora, and provided charter bus services throughout Ontario and to destinations across Canada.

The company ceased operations in September 2013. The charter authorities of Excel Coach Lines were acquired by Beaver Bus Lines in 2014.


  • Address: 1360 Highway 17 E., Kenora, ON
  • Email: excelcoachlines@shaw.ca
  • Fax: 807-468-3452
  • Phone: 807-468-6667

All-Time Coach Roster

Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
1 Excel Coach Lines 1-a.jpg 1937 FGM Canadian Maple Leaf Chassis
24 Excel Coach Lines 24-a.jpg 1961 Western Flyer P-37
26 1951 Western Flyer T28/T32 Ex-International Transit 41.
30 1965 Western Flyer P-41
32 1955 MCI Courier 95D Ex-Saskatchewan Transportation Company 521.
43 1961 MCI MC-2
81 1969 Western Flyer Canuck 600A
114 1978 MCI MC-8
128 Excel Coach Lines 128-a.jpg 1988 MCI 102-A3 Ex-Maverick Coach Lines 776
134 Excel Coach Lines 134-a.jpg MCI 102-C3 Unknown year.
138 Excel Coach Lines 138-a.jpg MCI 102-DL3 Unknown year.

Transit Roster (Kenora)

Excel ran the transit service in Kenora from 1934 until 2013. The post-1993 roster can be found here

Fleet Number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
11 1950 Prevost Citadin
18 1956 GMC TGH-3102
19 1958 GMC TGH-3102
23 1961 GMC TGH-3102
46 1970 GMC TDH-3301
47 1971 GMDD T6H-4521
57 1974 GMDD T6H-4523N
63 1976 GMDD T6H-4523N
69 1977 GMDD T6H-4523N