Electro-Motive Diesel F125

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The Electro-Motive Diesel F125 Spirit is a four-axle diesel-electric locomotive. It marks EMD's re-entry into the passenger locomotive market since the discontinuation of the F59PH series in 2001. Southern California's Metrolink was the launch customer for the F125 locomotive.[1] The first of 20 locomotives was completed by the end of January 2016. Metrolink unveiled the first locomotive on July 18 at Los Angeles Union Station.

The monocoque carbody designed by Vossloh Rail Vehicles features crash energy management (CEM) systems for added safety. These include energy absorbing couplers, anticlimbers, and structural members at the front of the locomotive.[2]

The F125 is powered by a 20-cylinder, 4700 horsepower Caterpillar C-175 diesel engine. Equipped with a selective catalytic reduction aftertreatment system, the engine is compliant with the EPA's Tier 4 emissions legislation.[1]



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