ElDorado National MST II

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ElDorado National MST II
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ElDorado National - MST II
Years of manufacture ?-2013?
Length 26 to 32 feet
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel, Natural Gas, Propane

The ElDorado National MST II is the updated version of the ElDorado National MST. Like the MST, the MST II is a front engine medium duty tour and shuttle bus built on the Freightliner MB-55. It can seat 35 passengers and accommodate wheelchairs. Features of the MST II include advanced body corrosion protection system, I/O Controls multiplex wiring systems, modular vehicle logic units, automatic vehicle location systems, multiple camera security systems and a totally flat floor (no wheelwells) rear of the entrance.



  • Length: 26', 28', 30' or 32'
  • Width: 96"


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