ElDorado National E-Z Rider II MAX

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ElDorado National E-Z Rider II MAX
Mississauga Transit 0899-a.JPG
Years of manufacture 2005 to 2014
Length 30, 32, and 35 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel, CNG/LNG,


Mississauga Transit 0930-a.JPG

The ElDorado National E-Z Rider II MAX is a medium to heavy-duty low floor transit bus available in Canada and the United States. Introduced in 2005, it is the restyled and updated version of the EZ-Rider II, which eventually ceased production in 2007. By 2015, the E-Z Rider II MAX appeared to have been phased out in favour of the E-Z Rider II BRT, with ElDorado making the BRT front end standard.

Compared to the E-Z Rider II, the E-Z Rider II MAX has a more squared overall shape and a more sloped front. The rear retained the simple and smooth aesthetic of the E-Z Rider II. Coincident with the use of EPA 2010-compliant engines, the rear was redesigned to accommodate the emissions systems. The top of the rear flares upwards and the louveres above the engine are accented by an arch that is continued on the engine door. This rear design is shared with ElDorado's other low floor transit buses.

The E-Z Rider II MAX is available with front and/or center doors that are able to accommodate ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps. The bus is available with a number of floor plans and can accommodate up to 41 seated passengers.

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Demonstrator Units

Fleet Number Thumbnail Year VIN Engine Transmission Notes
? 2005 Cummins ISB Allison B300R
  • 30'
  • Silver with green and blue curved lines
  • Displayed at 2005 CUTA Trans-Expo
? 2006 Cummins ISB Allison B300R
  • 30'
  • White with grey and purple swirls
  • Displayed at 2006 CUTA Trans-Expo
? 2007 Cummins ISB Allison B300R 32'