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The Cummins X12 and X15 is a heavy-duty truck and bus engine. The inline six cylinder diesel engine has a displacement of either 11.9 litres (X12) or 14.9 litres (X15). Cummins launched the new line of engines at a press conference at the Transportation Research Center in July 2016. Cummins began limited production of the X15 at the end of 2016, with full production beginning in January 2017. The X12 will enter production in 2018.[1] The X12 and X15 are the successor to the ISX12 and ISX15.

The X12 and X15 share many heavy-duty components, Cummins Holset VGT® Turbo, XPI fuel system, Electronic Control Module (ECM), and the new Single Module aftertreatment system and ADEPT™ advanced electronic features. The Single Module aftertreatment system combines the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems into a single canister. The more compact, lighter emissions control systems, according to Cummins, also boast greater thermal efficiency for improved engine operation.[2]

The engines meet EPA 2016 and GHG 2017 regulations.

Cummins is scheduled to discontinue the X12 engine (as well as the L9) with a new engine offering, the X10, in 2026. The X15 will continue to be available. The new engine will meet the EPA 2027 engine standards.

Models for Motorcoach

Model Max. power Max. revs Max. torque Emmissions certifications
X12 410 410 hp 2000 rpm 1450 lb-ft @ 1000 rpm EPA 2017
X12 455 455 hp 2000 rpm 1550 lb-ft @ 1000 rpm EPA 2017
X12 455 455 hp 2000 rpm 1700 lb-ft @ 1000 rpm EPA 2017


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