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The Cummins L10 was an inline, six-cylinder, 10-litre diesel engine. Development began in the mid-1970s, and prototypes were built and tested in 1978. Development continued to the L10's commercial launch in 1982. The engine became a popular choice for transit buses. The L10 was discontinued in January 1994 and replaced by the Cummins M11 for transit applications.

The compressed natural gas version of the L10 was called the L10G.


Model Max. Power Max. revs Max. Torque Emmissions Certifications

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Current products
Diesel B4.5 / B6.7 - L9 - X12 / X15
CNG B6.7N - ISB6.7 G - ISX12 G - ISX12N - L9N
Former products
Diesel ISB6.7 - ISL9 - ISX12 / ISX15 B5.9 - C8.3 - ISC - ISM - L10 - M11 - NH Series - VTB-903
CNG B5.9G - B Gas Plus - C8.3G - L10G - C Gas Plus - L Gas Plus - ISL G
Propane B LPG Plus