Corbeil Bus Corporation Minibus

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Corbeil Bus Corporation Minibus
Corbeil Bus Corporation Minibus
Years of manufacture 1985 to 2007
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel
Corbeil Bus Corporation Minibus

The Corbeil Minibus was a high floor type-A school bus offered on both Ford and GM chassis.

Official designations for different models is slightly unclear, but they all seemed to be marketed under the name "Minibus".

Models varied in width and length. Dual rear wheel models were equipped with wheelchair lifts located at either the front or the back.

Model Number Breakdown


X: F - Ford chassis or G - GM (Chevrolet/GMC) chassis

###: wheelbase length (Ford: 138/158, GM: 139/159)

XX: SW - single rear wheel or DW - dual rear wheel

X: S - school bus or C - commercial bus

M: "Master" - high roof?

#: number of "sections" (windows? rows?)

Single Rear Wheel Models

Dual Rear Wheel Models


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