Corbeil Bus Corporation Conventional

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Corbeil Bus Corporation Conventional
Corbeil Bus Corporation Conventional
Years of manufacture c. 1990 to 2004
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel
Corbeil Bus Corporation 1st Premier
Corbeil 1st Premier

The Corbeil Conventional or 1st Premier was a high floor type-C school bus. It was most prominently built on the International 3800 chassis. The Ford B-Series and Freightliner FS-65 chassis were also used.

The 1st Premier name was only used for the first years of production. As part of a rebranding in 1995, The "1st Premier" logo above the door and driver's window was replaced by the happy face logo. The model was also renamed, simply, Conventional.

In 2001, the roof as well as the area above the windshield and above the rear emergency door was restyled. The roof became flatter and the area around the warning lights was reshaped.

Facing increased competition, Corbeil stopped producing large school buses in 2004. It was also at this time that the International 3800 chassis was discontinued. The same year, IC Corporation products, which were built on the 3800's replacement, were introduced to Canada starting for the 2005 model year.



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