Urban Mobility Systems Mission

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Urban Mobility Systems Mission
Composite Mobility Mission demonstrator-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2012 to present
Length 7.5 metres
Width 2200 millimetres
Power/Fuel Diesel or electric
Urban Mobility Systems Mission demonstrator-a.jpg

The Urban Mobility Systems Mission is a small, low floor transit, paratransit, and shuttle bus. It has also been adapted for freight transport and emergency services. The fully low floor design allows for a door behind the front wheels and a door on the rear.

The Mission was launched as the Optare Bonito in 2012, however the agreement with the manufacturer of the bus's structure Plastisol, was ended shortly after. Plastisol created Composite Mobility as their passenger vehicle division and re-introduced the bus in October 2013; first at the Inter Airport Europe Exhibition in Munich, Germany and then at Busworld in Kortrijk, Belgium.[1] At the end of the summer of 2014, the Mission embarked on a promotional tour of Canada.[2] This included a formal introduction at the 2014 CUTA Trans-Expo in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Eco Motion, based in Mississauga, was the dealer for Composite Mobility.

After Plastisol ceased operations in 2016, the Mission passed on to Urban Mobility Systems (UMS). The new company specializes in clean, environmentally friendly transport solutions. Their North American division re-launched the Mission at 2019 CUTA Transit Show in Calgary, Alberta.

The Mission uses a monocoque glass-reinforced polyester structure incorporated onto a Fiat Ducato drivetrain. This method of construction produces a lightweight vehicle 30 to 40 percent lighter than a competitor, according to the manufacturer. The Mission may be powered by a diesel (3.0D) or electric (150E) drivetrain.

As part of the Interregional Automated Transport (I-AT) project, a self-driving version of the Mission was introduced on a fixed route between Aachen, Germany and Vaals, Netherlands in 2019.[3]


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