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Clever Devices is a leading manufacturer of telematics for the mass transit industry. The company is most known for their AVA automated announcement system.

In July 2012, Clever Devices acquired longtime competitor Digital Recorders from DRI Corporation, nearly doubling Clever Devices' client base.


  • Automatic Voice Annunciation (AVA) - automated announcement system
  • Intelligent Vehicle Network (IVN) - vehicle logic unit
  • Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVM) - vehicle health monitoring system
  • CleverCAD - computer aided dispatch and automatic vehicle locator.
  • Clever Reports - cost and efficiency reporting system
  • Turn Warning - pedestrian warning system
  • Infotainment - passenger information and entertainment display
  • SpeakEasy - hands-free microphone
  • Seymor - ultrasonic object detection
  • Geofencing - virtual perimeter
  • Passenger Counting
  • Traffic Signal Priority