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  • 1-Aspen Springs
  • 2-Liberty
  • 3-Wilmot Creek Shuttle

All routes connected at Clarington Mall and at the Downtown Transfer Point at Church and Temperance

A fourth route, 4 Orono was introduced, but was cut, it was reintroduced as the 504 Orono-Newcastle as a DRT Route


Clarington Transit launched on August 19th, 2002. The system's two bus routes - Aspen Springs and Liberty, provide a good service coverage throughout Bowmanville with connections to major retail outlets, hospital and highschools. Bus transfer point is located at Church St. and Temperance St. in Downtown Bowmanville. Two buses cover the two routes with an extra bus being used as school tripper. Since the operation is contracted out to Oshawa Transit. Oshawa Transit buses are used sometimes until the official Clarington Transit buses - Dupont Trolley rebuilt Classics are delivered. Other buses were also leased from Dupont Trolley and NRI at the meantime for use in regular service and school trippers. Ridership of this new system is increasing steady and will see growth in future along with the town's housing boom and opening of the new Durham College.

Clarington Transit is now the former public transit agency in Clarington, Ontario. It, along with the other public transit agencies in Durham Region, were merged on January 1, 2006 to form Durham Region Transit.

All-Time Roster

Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model
Engine Transmission Notes
97A 1981 Grumman Flxible 870
Detroit Diesel 6V71N Allison V730
98 1990 MCI TC40-102N Classic Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Allison V731
  • Ex-The Rapid 152.
  • Was leased from Dupont Trolley August 2002-December 2002
98 1985 GMDD TC40-102N Classic Detroit Diesel 6V71N Allison V730
98A 1983 Flxible Metro "A"
Detroit Diesel 6V92TA
  • Ex-Spokane Transit Authority 188.
  • Was leased from Dupont Trolley in August 2002 but never went out in service and was returned later that month.
99 1987 GMDD TC40-102N Classic Detroit Diesel 6V71N Allison V731
  • Ex-DDOT 1942; delivered in March 2003.
  • Bought by the Municipality of Clarington
99A 1990 MCI TC40-102N Classic Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Allison V731
  • Ex-The Rapid 161.
  • Leased from Dupont Trolley August 2002-?
  • Received new Clarington Transit livery.
117 1987 OBI Orion I
Leased in 2002-2006 from Oshawa Transit Commission 117.
135, 138 1991-1992 OBI Orion V
Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Voith D863
  • Oshawa Transit Commission`s Orion V buses 135 (1991) and 138 (1992) are the first two buses used to run transit service in Clarington.
  • They were used for the first two weeks until the official opening on Aug 30th.