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The FCA US LLC Ultradrive is an automatic transmission designed and manufactured primarily for transverse engine applications. The Ultradrive was introduced in 1988 as a single 4-speed transverse engine variant and fitted to 1989 model year front-wheel drive passenger cars and minivans. As one of the first electronically controlled automatic transmissions, it pioneered many now-common features such as adaptive shifting, wherein the electronic control unit optimizes shifting based on the driving style of the operator.

In 1990, Chrysler introduced a variant of the 4-speed Ultradrive for use in transverse engine all-wheel drive applications. It was fitted to minivans from the 1991 to 2004 model years. In 1992, Chrysler introduced a variant for longitudinal engine applications and in 2006, a 6-speed variant for transverse engine front- and all-wheel drive applications.


Type Application Number of speeds
40TE Transverse FWD 4
40TES Transverse FWD 4
41AE Transverse AWD 4
41TE Transverse FWD 4
41TES Transverse FWD 4
42RE Longitudinal FWD/RWD 4
42RLE Longitudinal RWD 4
62TE Transverse FWD/AWD 6