Capital District Transportation Authority 4020H-4047H

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Capital District Transportation Authority 4020H-4047H is wheelchair accessible.

Capital District Transportation Authority 4020H-4047H are 2008-2009 Gillig Low Floor HEV 40' (G30D102N4) buses built and delivered in 2008-2009.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins ISB Allison EP40 hybrid system


Thumbnail Build
VIN License Plate(s) Division Status/Disposal Notes
4020H 2008 15GGD301281078985 AJ9093
(Prev. M 42273)
Albany Active
4021H 2008 15GGD301481078986 AJ9209
(Prev. M 42272)
Albany Active
4022H 2008 15GGD301681078987 AJ9208
(Prev. M 42271)
Albany Active
4023H 2008 15GGD301881078988 AJ9207
(Prev. M 42270)
Albany Active
4024H 2008 15GGD301X81078989 AJ9158
(Prev. M 42292)
Albany Active
4025H 2008 15GGD301681078990 AJ9203
(Prev. M 42293)
Albany Active
4026H 2008 15GGD301881078991 AJ9204
(Prev. M 42294)
Albany Active
4027H 2008 15GGD301X81078992 ?
(Prev. AJ9202; M 42299)
Albany Active
4028H 2009 15GGD301091176494 AJ9083
(Prev. M 52631)
Schenectady Active
4029H 2009 15GGD301291176495 AJ9226
(Prev. M 52628)
Schenectady Active
4030H 2009 15GGD301491176496 AJ9082
(Prev. M 52629)
Schenectady Active
4031H 2009 15GGD301691176497 AJ9120
(Prev. R_____, M 52651)
Albany Active
4032H 2009 15GGD301891176498 AJ9077
(Prev. M 52658)
Albany Active
4033H 2009 15GGD301X91176499 AJ9085
(Prev. M 52649)
Albany Active
4034H 2009 15GGD301291176500 BE7072
(Prev. AJ9084, M 52648)
Albany Active
4035H 2009 15GGD301491176501 AJ9121
(Prev. R 44283; M 52650)
Albany Active
4036H 2009 15GGD301691176502 AJ9071
(Prev. R _____; M 52667)
Albany Active
4037H 2009 15GGD301891176503 AJ9079
(Prev. M 52666)
Albany Active
4038H 2009 15GGD301X91176504 AJ9078
(Prev. M 52665)
Albany Active
4039H 2009 15GGD301191176505 AJ9080
(Prev. M 52669)
Albany Active
4040H 2009 15GGD301391176506 AJ9168
(Prev. M 52670)
Albany Active
4041H Capital District Transportation Authority 4041h-a.jpg 2009 15GGD301591176507 AJ9119
(Prev. R _____, M 52657)
Albany Active
4042H 2009 15GGD301791176508 AJ9171
(Prev. M 52656)
Albany Active
4043H 2009 15GGD301991176509 AJ9232
(Prev. M 52664)
Albany Active
4044H 2009 15GGD301591176510 AJ9233
(Prev. M 52654)
Albany Active
4045H 2009 15GGD301791176511 AJ9234
(Prev. M 52653)
Albany Active
4046H 2009 15GGD301991176512 AJ9235
(Prev. M 52652)
Albany Active
4047H 2009 15GGD301091176513 BE7071
(Prev. AJ9236; M 52655)
Albany Active