Can-ar Coach Service 3201-3204

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Can-ar Coach Service 3201-3204 were 2008 StarCraft XLT bodied buses on Chevrolet C5500 chassis. They were used on the Palace Pier Shuttle.

They were used on Fort Erie Transit as emergency spares due to issues with FT01-FT03.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
GM Duramax Diesel Allison 1000


Thumbnail Build
VIN License plate(s) Status/Disposal Notes
3201 Can-ar Coach Service 3201-a.jpg 2008 1GBE5V1937F423362 BN1 099 Retired
3202 Can-ar Coach Service 3202-a.jpg 2008 1GBE5V1907F423318 BN1 100 Retired
3203 Fort Erie Transit 3203-a.jpg 2008 1GBE5V1957F422780 BN5 378 Retired
3204 2008 1GBE5V1987F423146 BN5 379 Retired