Calgary Transit route 9 'Dalhousie / Chinook'

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Calgary Transit route 9
Calgary Transit route 9 (04-2019).png

Calgary Transit route 9 'Dalhousie / Chinook is a route in the northwest part of the city of Calgary.


  • This route was first introduced at the start of the September 2016 signup, going from Dalhousie LRT Station to Sunnyside LRT Station. By the time the Winter 2016 signup came, the route was split into 2. The original Route 9 would be cut off at Foothills Medical Centre and the portion to Sunnyside would form Route 104.
  • In November 2018, route 9 would be extended from Foothills Hospital to Chinook Station (via Westbrook Station) due to the discontinuation of routes 72/73.

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