Calgary Transit route 4 'Huntington'

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Calgary Transit route 4
Calgary Transit route 4 (12-2010).png

Calgary Transit route 4 'Huntington' is a bus route serving a large part of north-central Calgary. It is the counterclockwise version of route 5.


This route traces its roots back to the Crescent Heights streetcar line, later known as route 4. It ran bidirectionally from downtown across the Reconciliation Bridge (then called the Langevin bridge) and headed north along Edmonton Trail. At 16 Avenue, it headed west. At 10 Street (then called Morley Trail), it headed back south towards downtown. Streetcars were replaced by trolleybuses in 1947. In 1958, the lines along both Edmonton Trail and 10 Street were extended north. The 4 continued to use its usual bidirectional routing along 16 Avenue, while a new route was introduced that continued north along 10th, continuing onto Cambrian Drive, and finally terminating at a loop located on the northwest corner of 14 Street and Northmount Drive. Today, that loop is a parking lot. Trolleybuses along 16 Avenue were discontinued in 1962, and the new north-south route along 10th was dieselized in 1966.


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