Calgary Transit route 38 'Brentwood / Temple'

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Calgary Transit route 38
Calgary Transit route 38 (4-2019).png

Calgary Transit route 38 'Temple' is a route in the northeast and northwest part of the city of Calgary.


  • The route starts off by running along 44 Street NE in the Whitehorn and Temple community towards Whitehorn C-Train station located on 36th Street NE. It then continues on 32 Street NE, continuing along 40/41 Avenue NW/NE, then going along Northmount Drive before arriving at Brentwood LRT Station.
  • Formerly, Calgary Transit route 25 'Whitehorn' ran in the opposite direction to route 38. Routing was eventually replaced by the Calgary Transit route 57 'Monterey Park / McCall Way'.
  • In November 2018, route 38 would be extended from Whitehorn LRT Station to Brentwood LRT Station following the discontinuation of Route 72/73. The portion of the route in the Temple community remained unchanged.

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