Calgary Transit route 111 'WestSprings / Westbrook'

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Calgary Transit route 111
Calgary Transit route 111 (6-2018)-b.png


  • Route 111 was launched June 25, 2018, replacing route 412 and 452.
  • Inititially, the route was only served by shuttle buses, but after a successful test with 7892 on October 9, 2018, they started providing 40-foot buses during weekday rush-hour only.


  • Route 111 starts at Westbrook LRT Station, going on 33 Street SW for a short while before turning left onto Bow Trail SW. The route goes up Bow Trail for around 3.7km, serving the communities of Rosscarrock, Spruce Cliff, Wildwood and Westgate. It eventually turns right onto Old Banff Coach Road, serving the communities of Coach Hill and Patterson. In West Springs, the route turns left onto 77 Street SW, right onto 9 Avenue SW and then left onto 85 Street SW, until it reaches the terminus. The route turns around in the community of Wentworth, and follows the same routing to Westbrook Station.

Frequency (as of December 23, 2019)

Route 111 is served by community shuttle buses, with the exception of rush hour, where 40-foot buses out of Victoria Park are provided.

  • AM Peak: 17 mins
  • Midday: 25 mins
  • PM Peak: 15 mins
  • Evening: 50 mins
  • Saturday: 50 mins
  • Sunday: 50 mins


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