Calgary Transit 5108-5117

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Calgary Transit 5108-5117 are MCI TC40-102N buses built in 1990-1991.

All refurbished by Capital Bus Parts (Quebec) and delivered to Calgary Transit in late summer 2005.

They were originally built with kneeling capability and wheelchair lift, wheelchair lifts have been disconnected and some removed. These buses are easily distinguishable from Calgary Transit's original MCI Classics by the lack of rear window and standee holding straps.

5116 had the distinction of being the first MCI to be retired by Calgary Transit, being retired in 2012.

In January 2013 the remaining nine buses were transferred from Anderson garage to Spring Gardens garage.


Fleet Number Thumbnail Date VIN License Plate Garage Status/Disposal Notes
5108 1990 2AUYT82J7L3000454 Retired Ex Connecticut Transit 9086
5109 1990 2AUYT82J0L3000344 Retired

April 2013

5110 1990 2AUYT82J0L3000330 ESE-391 Retired
5111 1990 2AUYT82J7L3000437 Oliver Bowen Stored

Stored at Oliver Bowen Maintenance Facility

5112 1990 2AUYT82J6L3000347 EST-695 Retired

Sold to Sunshine Village fall 2013 and renumbered 31

5113 1990 2AUYT82J4L3000444 EUE-098 Oliver Bowen Stored

Stored at Oliver Bowen Maintenance Facility

5114 1990 2AUYT82J3L3000418 EVF-834 Retired

January 2013

5115 1990 2AUYT82J4L3000413 Retired
  • Ex Connecticut Transit 9045
  • Builders plate shows model AC40102-A
  • Awaiting Scrap on May 31, 2014
5116 1990 2AUYT82J3L3000421 Retired
June 2012

Scrapped July 2012

5117 Calgary Transit 5117-a.jpg 1990 2AUYT82J4L3000329 EUD-899 Retired

January 2013