Calgary Transit 2101-2102

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Calgary Transit 2101-2102 were Siemens/DüWag U2-AC light rail cars built in 1988. They were originally delivered to Edmonton Transit System, and were purchased by Calgary Transit in 1990.

These cars initially kept their original ETS fleet numbers (3001-3002) and were left white, before being put in the 3-stripe livery a few years later. They were renumbered to 2101-2102 in 1999.

Because these cars used AC traction power, they were incompatible with other U2 cars; instead, they typically ran in consists with Series 5/6/7 units.

These were the only U2-AC cars ever built.


Thumbnail Date Serial Status/Disposal Notes
2101 Calgary Transit 2101-a.jpg 1988 Retired
December 2015
Converted into line inspection car "Scout"
2102 1988 Retired
August 2016