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Active Roster

Fleet Number Range Thumbnail Manufacturer Model Year Serial Notes
1-494 GE AC4400CW
8700-8710 EMD SD60 ex Conrail
8711-8721 EMD SD60 ex Conrail
8722-8755 EMD SD60I ex Conrail
8756-8786 EMD SD60M ex Conrail
8787-8789 EMD SD60 ex Demo
8790 EMD SD60 ex Norfolk Southern
8800-8889 EMD SD40-2 ex Conrail
8954 EMD SD45-2
8973 EMD SD40-2
9000-9052 GE CW44-9
9118 CSX RCPHE4 ex SW1500
9134-9136 CSX RCPHG4 ex B30-7
9151 CSX RCPHG4 ex B36-7
9156-9157 CSX RCPHG4 ex B36-7
9161-9163 CSX RCPHG4 ex B30-7
9241-9255 CSX RCPHG4 ex B36-7
9301-9304 CSX RCPHG6 ex ?
9992-9993 EMD F40PH ex Amtrak
9998-9999 EMD F40PH ex Amtrak