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Bus Route pages are to include the following:

Page Title

The title is to include the transit agency in full, the word 'route' (note no capital 'R' as it is not part of the transit agency name), the route number, and the route name in apostrophes.

For example:

Toronto Transit Commission route 116 'Morningside'

For further details please refer to the Naming Conventions page.

Information Table

The page should include an information table giving details of the route.

Acceptable details are route length, ridership, alternate numbers/names for the route during evening/weekends, etc, and bus types used.

Information Table Image

The image used for the Information Table Image should be titled using the 'Page Title' naming convention. However as route names can change the route name should not be included in the image title.

For example:

[[Image:Toronto Transit Commission route 192.PNG]]
Toronto Transit Commission route 192.PNG

Route Maps

Maps must have the upload date or when the map was published in brackets.

For example:

[[File:Toronto Transit Commission route 39 map (2015)-a.gif]]