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Bushey Bus Service, also known as D.D. Bushey Bus Service is a previous charter bus provider located near Harrisburg, PA. Service was transferred to Harrisburg Railways Company in 1962, in an effort to expand HRC's range of services.


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Fleet Number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
Flxible Clipper 33BR45
  • Unknown fleet number, or year.
  • Serial number 7100, motor number 4561689.[1]
Flxible Clipper 29BR45
  • Unknown fleet number or year.
  • Serial number 8563, motor number 4955825.[2]
1952 Flxible VisiCoach
  • Unknown fleet number.
  • Serial number 30427, motor number 6452337.[3]
1952 Flxible VisiCoach
  • Unknown fleet number.
  • Serial number 30883, motor number 7169044.[4]
1957 Flxible StarLiner
  • Unknown fleet number.
  • Serial number 30929, motor number 4523.[5]


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