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Logo of Busbud.

Busbud is a multi-national bus and coach travel company founded in 2011 that allows the users of its service to search, compare, and book intercity bus tickets through their website. Busbud operates through most of the world, including North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia as well as other destinations. Busbud works with many popular bus and coach operators, providing an aggregate search engine and a simplified booking platform through its website and includes a mobile app. Wikipedia boasts that Busbud serves 10,000 cities in 63 countries, on over 500,000 routes.[1]

Backed by investors, Busbud has an advisory board made up of Expedia Board Member and Managing Partner of InterMedia Partners, Peter Kern; TripAdvisor VP of SEO, Luc Levesque; CEO of the travel startup Luxury Retreats, Joe Poulin, and Orléans Express founder Sylvain Langis.

Note: the website charges a small convenience charge, added to the total cost of the trip when checking out at the end of the purchase. Although termed a "reseller", Busbud does provide support to the tickets sold through their website.

Participating agencies

Although not complete, this list provides a sample of a number of popular agencies that do business with Busbud.

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See also

  • GotoBus - Competing ticket aggregate site, mainly focusing use on "No Frills" agencies.

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