Buffalo Traction Company

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The Buffalo Traction Company is a former streetcar company operating in the City of Buffalo, New York.


  • Formed on October 28, 1895.
  • Consolidated with five other companies to create the parent Buffalo Railway Company on December 10, 1890.[1] Other companies figuring into the consolidation include:
  • Consolidated again with seven companies to create the International Railway Company, in 1902. The International Traction Company operates as the parent company.



Fleet number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Motors Notes
(20 cars) 1897 Brill Brill 21E Order number 7927.
(1 car) 1897 Brill Brill 21E Order number 8037.
(10 cars) 1898 Brill Brill 21E Order number 8319.


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