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1995 Bombardier ICTS Mark I
700/800 Series
In service 1995–present
Manufacturer Bombardier Inc.
Model ICTS Mark I 700/800 Series
Constructed 1995
Built at Kingston, Ontario
Fleet numbers 137–156
Formation 6 cars per set (occasionally 4 per set)
2 cars per unit set (semi-permanent)
Owner TransLink (1999–present)
BC Transit (1995–1999)
Operator British Columbia
Rapid Transit Company
Depot OMC1
Lines served Expo Line Logo and Symbol-a.png
Millennium Line Logo and Symbol-a.png (from 2002–2016)
Length 12.70 m
Width 2.50 m
Weight 15 t
Doors 2 per side
Capacity 80
Top speed 90 km/h (design)
80 km/h (service)
Electrification 650 V DC
Traction motor 3 phase AC linear motors
Safety system Thales SelTrac S40 (ATC)

SkyTrain cars 137–156 are 20 Bombardier ICTS Mark I units built in 1995 in Kingston, Ontario. They run exclusively on the Expo Line in 6 car sets and may be coupled with other Mark I cars from other build years. These are the only Mark I cars built under the Bombardier branding, as this order was made after Bombardier acquired UTDC.


Interior layout of Mark I 700/800 series cars.

Also known as MK-1B's, they have different brakes and white rear panels, as opposed to black on pre-1990 units. Their windshield wipers hang downwards and the interior is similar to the interior of the 1991 stock trains, both different compared to their 1984 and 1985 counterparts. The door motor is also different compared to other Mark I cars in the fleet.

They originally featured door buttons, but were removed shortly upon delivery. The buttons were either covered up with a plate and or disconnected.

All were repainted from the BC Transit livery to the sweep shortly after the handover of ownership to TransLink.

Other than minor interior and exterior works, these cars have yet to be refurbished and are not part of the current refurbishment project that is currently ongoing for the 1984 and 1985 Mark I cars. These cars did not have their interior lights retrofitted in 2011 to LEDs as part of an initial refurbishment project.


In 1991, BC Transit planned on having this order be trains nicknamed "Fat Alberts," which would be "second generation" wider and longer SkyTrain cars meant to be made and delivered in time for the extension to King George.[1] The capacity on the Fat Alberts would be able to carry 110 people.

A prototype train was made in the early 1990s by UTDC in Kingston, Ontario by merging the two Mark I SkyTrain test cars into one 16.7 metre car called Test Vehicle 06 (TV06). A prototype display model was made in 1991 and was displayed at Scott Road Station and at the PNE.[2] However, the order of the Fat Alberts was dependent on testing and design. BC Transit committed about $3 million to the development program of Fat Albert[1] and placed an order in 1991.

This order was initially for 60 cars, but in early March 1993, it was revealed that the provincial government under the NDP cancelled the order that was placed by the then-Social Credit Party in 1991.[3] The quiet cancellation of this order resulted in an immediate delay of new trains arriving on time for the Whalley extension. However, shortly after the order was placed in 1991, UTDC went bankrupt and was acquired by Bombardier.

To justify the cancellation of the order, BC Transit stated that the new trains were not needed and admitted that no new trains were ordered in 1991. However, the following day on March 10, BC Transit decided to order more trains but the order would take up to two years to complete.[4]

In October 1993, an agreement was reached to purchase 20 cars from Bombardier for $75 million.[5] This was later revised to $48.7 million with an option to expand to add on a further 20 cars.[6] Delivery was expected the be delayed by about a year and a half, arriving in September 1995 with delivery to be complete by August 1996.[7] This order resulted in the reopening of the then-partially closed Kingston plant owned by UTDC.

Wismer and Rawlings Electric of Port Coquitlam built the electric motors and Alcatel Canada Inc.'s SEL Division in Burnaby produced updated computer software for these trains.

As of April 2017, these are the only Mark I cars in the fleet to be in the Sweep livery.


As these cars did not undergo any major refurbishments, it is speculated that this batch along with the Mark I cars ordered in 1991 may be retired between 2021 and 2024, when a new order of Mark III cars meant to replace some Mark I cars arrive. However, there are no confirmed reports as to which Mark I cars will be retired first.


Trains operate in 6 car sets, or 3 groups of 2 car semi-permanent married sets. Sets can be coupled with other Mark I pairs from other build years.

Units Seating
137–156 30 – American Seating Innovator 850
5 - Fold down

Set Fleet number Thumbnail Paint Build date Notes
1 137 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
138 SkyTrain UTDC 138-a.jpg Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
2 139 SkyTrain UTDC 139-a.jpg Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
140 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
3 141 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
142 SkyTrain UTDC 142-a.jpg Translink Sweep paint scheme 26/06/1995
4 143 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
144 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
5 145 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
146 SkyTrain UTDC 146-a.jpg Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
6 147 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
148 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
7 149 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
150 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
8 151 Translink Sweep paint scheme 02/10/1995
152 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
9 153 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
  • Featured in a music video for 'K-Pop' song "Likey" by TWICE[8]
154 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
10 155 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995
156 Translink Sweep paint scheme 1995


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