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1984 UTDC ICTS Mark I
100/200 Series
In service December 11, 1985–present
Manufacturer Urban Transportation
Development Corporation Ltd.
Model ICTS Mark I 100/200 Series
Constructed 1984
Built at Kingston, Ontario
Fleet numbers 001–056
Refurbished 2013–2020 (projected)
Retired 2026 (projected)[1]
Formation 6 cars per set (occasionally 4 per set)
2 cars per unit set (semi-permanent)
Owner TransLink (1999–present)
BC Transit (1984–1999)
Operator British Columbia
Rapid Transit Company
Depot OMC1
Lines served Expo Line Logo and Symbol-a.png
Millennium Line Logo and Symbol-a.png (from 2002–2016)
Length 12.70 m
Width 2.50 m
Weight 15 t
Doors 2 per side
Capacity 80
Top speed 90 km/h (design)
80 km/h (service)
Electrification 650 V DC
Traction motor 3 phase AC linear motors
Safety system Thales SelTrac S40 (ATC)

SkyTrain cars 001–056 are 1984 UTDC ICTS Mark I units built in Kingston, Ontario. They run exclusively on the Expo Line in 6 car sets and may be coupled with other Mark I cars from other build years.


Interior layout of trains with the interior left intact after refurbishment.
Interior layout of four seats removed on some Mark I cars.

They previously had carpet flooring, buttons inside and outside on the doors, and a blue-red seat fabric colour pattern. In mid-1992, the carpets were replaced with a wax replica of the carpet pattern due to constant sanitation and maintenance. The door buttons were removed between 1989 and 1991 due to passenger confusion and door jamming. Interiorly, the button locations were covered up with a plate and on the exterior, buttons were either disconnected or replaced with a metal plate. The seat colouring pattern was eventually changed to all blue due to constant maintenance and the more evident graffiti on the red.

In the early 1990s, new decals were placed in the train interior, particularly the silent alarm on the side of windows and the speaker phone. Following a transfer of ownership from BC Transit to TransLink, most decals were replaced and some trains were repainted from the BC Transit scheme to the sweep. However, most trains only had their BC Transit logos replaced.

Decals from BC Transit carried the heading "Security Features" whilst TransLink decals carried the heading "Safety & Security". Some original decals from 1985 can still be found on some trains in the wheelchair bays. They can be differentiated from the other decals based on their grey and minimalist design, a contrast from the blue, yellow, and red on the newer BC Transit/TransLink decals.

When introduced, these trains ran in 2 or 4 car sets. This was later changed to 4 or 6 and after the opening of the Evergreen Extension and changes to the Expo Line pattern. It is rare to see them in four car sets.

Following a tradition of other railroads around the world, cars were named after cities, towns, and geographical locations in British Columbia "to foster goodwill throughout BC towards our ALRT system" and as "a symbol of British Columbian excellence."[2] The names were kept until refurbishment.


In 2011, all cars underwent a minor refurbishment project that involved the installation of LED interior lights.

Starting in 2013, trains went into refurbishment that involved repainting doors and panels from red to white, repainting the exterior livery to the charcoal sweep, and the removal of 4 seats per car. All exterior and some interior work was completed in April 2017. However, many cars have imperfections such as white doors and red panels, removal or non-removal of interior decals, incorrect fleet number placement and text size in the interior and exterior, and incorrect government logos (first cars to be refurbished had both the Government of Canada and Government of British Columbia logos. Other trains only have the Government of British Columbia logo). Most units still retain the same number of seats (A total of 4 seats per car were supposed to be removed during refurbishment to address overcrowding issues).

Other replacements and works as part of the refurbishment project included truck replacement, Vehicle On-Board Computer (VOBC) replacement, Heath Monitor Unit (HMU) replacement, and a rewind of the Linear Induction Motor (LIM). Completion of the refurbishment project is expected to be in April 2020.[3]

The LIM motors are rewound by their original manufacturer in Okanagan Falls, BC. All repainting work was done in Langley, BC.


Trains operate in 6 car sets, or 3 groups of 2 car semi-permanent married sets. Sets can be coupled with other Mark I pairs from other build years. Cars that underwent interior modifications have 29 seats, including 3 fold-down seats. Cars that have yet to undergo interior modifications have 33 seats, also including 3 fold-down seats.

Units Seating
001–056 29 or 33 – American Seating Innovator 850
3 – Fold down

Fleet number Thumbnail Paint Year Month repainted Notes Name
001 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 December 2016 Spirit of Kelowna
  • Power collector shoe ripped off by stored rail near Main Street in November 2015 and caused serious delays
Spirit of Peachland
003 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 October 2016 Spirit of Cowichan
004 Spirit of Ladysmith
005 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 July 2016
  • Tested on the Evergreen Line east of the tunnel
Spirit of Nanaimo
  • Tested on the Evergreen Line east of the tunnel
Spirit of Duncan
007 SkyTrain UTDC 007-a.jpg Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 January 2015 Spirit of Courtenay
008 Spirit of Comox
009 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 March 2016 Spirit of Campbell River
010 Spirit of Powell River
011 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 November 2013 Spirit of Esquimalt
012 Spirit of Sooke
013 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 November 2015 Spirit of Quesnel
  • Lady Diana and Prince Charles; Crown Prince and Princess of Belgium traveled on in 1986
  • Dr. Professor Her Highness Chulabhorn Walailak of Thailand traveled on in 1989
  • Previously named Spirit of Canada
Spirit of Williams Lake
015 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 January 2017 Spirit of Saanich
016 Spirit of Sidney
017 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 January 2016 Spirit of Victoria
018 Spirit of Oak Bay
019 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 February 2016
  • Interior was repainted years before refurbishment
Spirit of Richmond
  • Interior was repainted years before refurbishment
Spirit of Maple Ridge
021 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 March 2017
  • Used for training by the Coquitlam Fire Department in June 2016
Spirit of Mission
022 Spirit of Pitt Meadows
023 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 June 2016 Spirit of Delta
024 Spirit of Langley
025 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 December 2016 Spirit of BC
026 Spirit of Cumberland
027 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 September 2016 Spirit of Parksville
028 SkyTrain UTDC 028-a.jpg Spirit of Qualicum Beach
029 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 June 2016 Spirit of Port Alberni
030 Spirit of Matsqui
031 SkyTrain UTDC 031-a.jpg Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 September 2014 Spirit of Abbotsford
032 Spirit of Surrey
033 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 February 2017 Spirit of North Vancouver
  • Suffered interior and exterior damage after being hit by a tree in a windstorm in December 2018[4]
Spirit of West Vancouver
035 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 October 2014
  • Interior was repainted years before refurbishment
Spirit of 100 Mile House
036 Spirit of Kitimat
037 SkyTrain UTDC 037-a.jpg Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 February 2015 Spirit of Terrace
038 Spirit of Central Coast
039 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 March 2015 Spirit of Prince George
040 Spirit of Prince Rupert
041 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 July 2015 Spirit of White Rock
042 Spirit of Hope
043 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 July 2015 Spirit of Expo 86
044 Spirit of Vancouver
045 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 July 2015 Spirit of Agassiz
046 Spirit of Harrison Hot Springs
047 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 September 2015 Spirit of Kamloops
048 SkyTrain UTDC 048-a.jpg
  • Featured in a trailer for "Trial of the Incredible Hulk" (1989) [5]
Spirit of Chase
049 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 May 2015 Spirit of Castlegar
050 Spirit of Burnaby
051 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 May 2015 Spirit of Canada
052 Spirit of New Westminster
053 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 January 2016 Spirit of Whistler
054 Spirit of Vernon
055 Sweep-R (New Sweep) 1984 August 2015 Spirit of Salmon Arm
056 Spirit of Golden


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