Brampton Transit 9638-9640

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Brampton Transit 9638-9640 is wheelchair accessible.

Brampton Transit 9638-9640 were 1995 model D40LF built in 1996 by New Flyer Industries (build date shows January 1996, but VIN "check digit" shows as 1995).

They were Brampton's first order for New Flyer buses, as well as being their first order for low-floor accessible buses (along with the 1996 Orion VI order 9641-9645 built later that year). While Brampton would initially favour the Orion VI and order another batch in 1998, 3 orders of D40LF would later be purchased in 2002, 2003 and 2004. These three units were the first to feature the then-standard livery modified for low floor buses (lettering moved to the roof section of the bus between additional striping). Also, this is the first order delivered without the "lazy B" logos.

9638-9640 differ from the rest of the D40LF's by having Detroit Diesel Series 50 engines and Allison B400R transmissions; all later orders came with Cummins/Voith arrangements. They also have simulated wood-grain paneling along the lower interior walls and dividers.

In late June 2002, all three buses in this series were taken out of service due to defects.

As of July 2007, all had been refurbished by Mississauga Truck and Bus and repainted into the newer livery.

All three buses of this series were retired by the end of September 2012.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel Series 50 275 hp Allison B400R 5 speed Otaco Model 6468 Luminator Matrix:MAX


Thumbnail Build
VIN License
Status/Disposal Notes
9638 Brampton Transit 9638-a.jpg 1996 2FYD2LL15SU016175 BH7 234 Retired Refurbished June 2007.
9639 Brampton Transit 9639-a.jpg 1996 2FYD2LL17SU016176 BH7 235 Retired Refurbished May 2007.
9640 Brampton Transit 9640-a.JPG 1996 2FYD2LL19SU016177 BH8 807 Retired
  • Refurbished May 2007.
  • Before refurbishment, had faded kneeling decal on front.