Brampton Transit 9176-9180

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Out of service Brampton Transit D40 Suburbans at Clark Garage.

Brampton Transit 9176-9180 were D40S (Suburban) buses built in 1991 by New Flyer Industries. The were acquired second hand from GO Transit (1900 series) in early 2000, and repainted and renumbered into the Brampton fleet. Most were retired in late 2003, with the last unit (9179) retired in January 2004.

These buses featured dual-GO style rollsigns (but with only one in use) customized with Brampton routes, and suburban-style seating. One unit, 9177, received a Luminator MatrixMax display. Because of the lack of rear doors, they were relegated to less-frequented routes later in their careers; initially running on routes such as the 5 and 77, and later to local, lower ridership routes such as the 3, 10, 17, 20, 22 and 30, as well lighter-ridership school specials and the seasonal 66 Wonderland route.

There were various reasons they were retired early and sold by GO Transit; one of them being corrosion problems (steps rusting out, frame, etc) as well as having soft suspension.

Upon retirement from their second careers in Brampton, these buses were sent to Rutherford Public Works Yard for storage and some may have ended up at Mississauga Truck & Bus for resale or parts stripping. All were eventually sold to Future Enterprises for scrap in March 2005.

Buses Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
9176, 9178-9180 Detroit Diesel 6V92TA 300 hp Voith D864.3 4 speed Otaco 6693W Rollsign
9177 Luminator Matrix:MAX


Thumbnail Build
VIN License
Status/Disposal Notes
9176 1991 2FYD2EG12MU014223 BK3 761 RETIRED
September 2003
9177 1991 2FYD2EG12MU014232 BK3 777 RETIRED
September 2003
9178 1991 2FYD2EG14MU014233 BK3 774 RETIRED
November 2003
Ex GO Transit 1935
9179 1991 2FYD2EG1XMU014236 BJ9 650 RETIRED
January 2004
Ex GO Transit 1938
9180 1991 2FYD2EG13MU014238 BK3 762 RETIRED
November 2003
Ex GO Transit 1940