Brampton Transit 9129-9137

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Brampton Transit 9129-9137 were Orion V (05.501) buses built in 1991 by Orion Bus Industries. This was Brampton Transit's first order of the wider Orion V model, following previous orders of Orion Is.

All buses in this series feature A/C and tip-in transom windows, as well as dual-stream treadle activated rear doors. They were the final units delivered with the "lazy B" logos in the contemporary red-white-blue scheme.

As of mid 2006, all had been refurbished and repainted into the newer livery except 9130. All except 9129 have an extended drivers area (which eliminated one passenger seat behind the driver). All retain their Luminator flip-dot signs, as opposed to a few Orion Is which received electronic displays when rebuilt.

As of April 2009, all have been equipped with bike racks, the oldest units in the fleet with them (no remaining Orion I's received bike racks).

It is interesting to note that the VINs are mixed with those of 1991 TTC and HSR orders in Orion V production.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel 6V92TA 253 hp Voith D863.3 3 speed 41 Otaco Model 6468 Luminator MAX


Thumbnail Build
VIN License
Status/Disposal Notes
9129 12/1991 2B1156977M5030833 BF2 636 RETIRED
September 2012
Refurbished December 2005.
9130 Brampton Transit 9130-a.jpg 12/1991 2B1156976M5030841 BF2 637 RETIRED
October 2010
  • Not refurbished, older scheme
  • As of July 2009, has repainted front and is missing number.
9131 12/1991 2B1156971M5030844 BF2 638 RETIRED
September 2012
  • Refurbished August 2006.
  • Featured on Brampton Transit's 2001 Rider's Guide.
9132 Brampton Transit 9132-a.jpg 12/1991 2B1156977M5030847 BF2 639 RETIRED
September 2012
  • Refurbished February 2006.
  • Formerly had Midnight Sun Tanning Centre wrap on left side.
9133 12/1991 2B1156970M5030849 BF2 640 RETIRED
October 2010
Refurbished January 2006.
9134 Brampton Transit 9134-a.jpg 12/1991 2B1156978M5030856 BJ6 560

(prev. BF2 641)

June 2011
Refurbished April 2006.
9135 12/1991 2B1156971M5030861 BM5 180

(prev. BF2 642)

September 2012
  • Refurbished May 2006.
  • Formerly had Rona wrap, left side, 2001.
9136 12/1991 2B1156975M5030863 BF2 643 RETIRED
September 2012
Refurbished by August 2006.
9137 Brampton Transit 9137-a.jpg 12/1991 2B1156974M5030868 BF2 644 RETIRED
September 2012
  • Refurbished June 2006.
  • Different rear light cluster